We store goods in Class A warehouses in Vilnius and Kaunas;
We can store food products (we have a food handling entity certificate);
We meet the requirements of EKOagra (traceability of goods movement meeting EKOagra certification requirements);
We can store feed (we are a registered feed business operator);
The temperature in the warehouses is maintained at +8 to +20 ‹C;
All stocks are insured – we take full responsibility for the safety of goods;
The warehouses and the territory are guarded by the security service, we also have a video surveillance system and a fire protection system;
All premises are clean and pest controlled;


Receipt of goods. We check the quantity of goods packaging and the external condition of the packaging, also check and register batch numbers and expiration dates in the warehouse management system (SVS) in accordance with the customer's needs. We perform detailed conversion of units of goods;
Storage of goods. We store the goods on shelves or pallet racks depending on the size and weight. Any movement of the goods in the warehouse is recorded in real time in the SMS program;
Collection of goods. The connection of goods is carried out in accordance with the method chosen by the customer – FIFO, FEFO or LIFO;
Consolidation of goods. Delivery of goods from different suppliers on a specified day and collection of goods without storage in accordance with the customer's buyers' orders.
Assembly of goods. Assembly of different goods for creating new units of goods;
Product labelling. Label printing, gluing, repackaging, packaging;
Preparation of collected orders (shipments) for transportation (also considering the specific needs of retail chains or other recipients, such as pallet height, type of packaging, layout, etc.);
Formation of batch documents. Issue of consignment notes, sales invoices and other documents for the goods in accordance with the quantity of goods actually collected, filled with all necessary goods attributes (product code, barcode or QR code, batch number, expiry date, description, etc.)
Container and tare return and accounting in iVAZ.
Automated submission of consignment notes to iVAZ;