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Cargo transportation

Cargo transportation – a service aimed at ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of your cargo. From the manufacturer to the final consumer.

Our goal is to safely and promptly deliver your cargo to the specified address at the specified time. This can include transporting products from the manufacturer to our or the buyer’s warehouses, from our or the client’s warehouses to distributors, retail networks, or even delivery to the end customer

We take care of all the necessary logistics so that you can focus on production, sales promotion, or increasing sales volumes.

Cargo transportation - with our own and partner transport

We have our own fleet of vehicles, which enables us to ensure the prompt and timely transportation and delivery of your cargo. For transportation to other countries, we have reliable partners.

Our customers

The majority of our clients use the full 3PL service. However, we are open and ready to meet the specific needs of each client.

We carry:

We transport palletized cargo
and parcels
Paletiniai kroviniai
Palletized cargo
Cargo requiring special temperature (-18°C to +18°C).
Temperatūrinio rėžimo reikalaujantys kroviniai
Requiring a temperature regime
Cargo requiring side loading (sheets, profiles, pipes, plates, equipment, etc.)
Nepaletiniai kroviniai
Non-palletized cargo
We have a food handling certificate and transport in accordance with all spec. requirements
Fasuoti maisto produktai
Packaged food products
We are a registered feed business subject
fasuoti pašarai
Packaged feeds
Customer-created route
Dedikuoti sunkvežimį
We can dedicate a truck


Terra logistic

transport management system (TMS)

Client Zone

for submitting orders and creating shipment labels and waybills

Loading/ Unloading

address database

Price calculation

upon entering an order