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Warehousing allows companies to efficiently manage their inventory, ensuring proper supply, security and handling of goods.

Many trading or manufacturing companies face a dilemma in their operations – whether to have their own warehouse and handle the entire logistics themselves or to delegate it to professional third-party logistics (3PL) service providers. It is not only a question of fixed and variable costs, but also about whether it is better to manage warehouse operations on their own or to focus on sales strategy.

If you are facing similar challenges – whether you are a large international corporation or a small local business – share your business concerns with us. Our company is not only ready to listen to your needs but also to understand the uniqueness of your business and offer solutions that best suit you.

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Warehousing - in our warehouses in Vilnius

Our warehouses located at Ugniagesnių str. 14, Vilnius, meet the highest standards and are equipped to accommodate even the storage requirements of specific goods and products

Our customers

Over the years of our work, we have built a wide circle of clients and gained a deep understanding of the needs and specifics of companies engaged in various industries. We organize, optimize, and implement all logistics processes

Warehouse services

Product registration by scanning the product's EAN code or SKU code, verification of the quantity and condition of product packaging, registration of product batch number, LOT, and expiration date in the WMS, and detailed recount of product units.
Receiving of goods
The selection of goods is carried out according to the customer's chosen method – FIFO, FEFO, or the batch number, specified by the customer, LOT or expiration date.
Selection of goods by units, kilograms, pallets
We store items on shelves or pallet racks, depending on the size and weight of the goods. Each location on the racks or shelves has a unique number (address). This allows for easy and efficient inventory management.
Goods storage (warehousing)
Scheduled delivery of goods from various suppliers and order picking without warehousing, according to customer orders.
Goods consolidation
Assembly (combination) of different goods, creating a new Stock Keeping Unit (SKU).
Goods assembly
Evaluating the specific requirements of trade networks or other recipients, such as pallet height, packaging type, labeling, arrangement, etc., we prepare and pack shipments, taking into account the specific requirements of the shipment (fragile goods, etc.).
Preparation of collected orders (parcels) for transportation
We deliver goods in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia using our own transport or under agreements with courier services. We have integrations with VENIPAK, OMNIVA, LP EXPRESS.
Goods delivery
Printing, labeling, repackaging, and packaging of trade labels.
Product labeling (sticker application)
Generation of cargo manifests, sales invoices/invoice receipts, and other documents based on the actually collected quantity of goods with all necessary product attributes (item code, barcode or QR code, batch number, expiration date, description, etc.).
Formation of Shipment Documents
Submission of cargo manifests to iVAZ.
We also provide the following services:
Return and accounting of packaging.
Handling of returns.

Used warehouse software:


warehouse management system (WMS)

API interface

data exchange with customer accounting, business management, e-shop systems

WMS interface

with Venipak, Omniva, LP Express